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Our product range

1409900 Bacon Zbojnická
1400100 Smoked clear plate without bone
1402900 Smoked flank without bone and skin
1502200 Smoked chicken thighs
1400300 Smoked chuck rolled
1403300 Smoked leg with bone
1400200 Smoked leg without bone
1400900 Smoked ribs
1401000 Smoked ribs flat
1400700 Smoked tenderloin
1500800 Smoked turkey breast
1480600 Sous vide Bavaria knuckle
1480100 Sous vide beef cheeks 900 g
1480800 Sous vide duck 1/4 konfit
1481400 Sous vide duck breast
1480400 Sous vide chicken chopped 500 g
1481100 Sous vide lamb knuckle konf
1480500 Sous vide pork chopped 500 g
1480200 Sous vide pork knuckle 750 g
1480300 Sous vide pork ribs 500 g
1480700 Sous vide rabbit thighs konfit
1481000 Sous vide roll spinach
1401100 Speck