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Our product range

4390000 Piglet
4321000 Pork clear plate with bone
4321100 Pork clear plate without bone
4321302 Pork clear plate without bone
4323000 Pork flank with bone
4323102 Pork flank without bone
4323202 Pork flank without bone and skin
4326202 Pork chuck 4D
4326232 Pork chuck 4D quarters
4326000 Pork chuck with bone
4326102 Pork chuck without bone
4328000 Pork knuckle back
4327500 Pork knuckle front
4328300 Pork knuckle with bone special
4324202 Pork leg 4D
4324000 Pork leg with bone
4324102 Pork leg without bone
4329600 Pork ribs from flank
4329400 Pork ribs from flank special
4329100 Pork ribs from roast and neck
4329200 Pork ribs special
4322021 Pork roast cut chops slices
4322000 Pork roast with bone
4322100 Pork roast without bone
4322202 Pork roast without bone
4322302 Pork roast without bone
4320002 Pork tenderloin